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Khamis, 6 Oktober 2011

Action questioning status of Islam must be tackled STRICTLY - Sultan Azlan Shah

Arkib Utusan Malaysia 17/05/2011.

IPOH May 16 — Any action or statement questioning the status of Islam and the Malay rulers” jurisdiction in Islamic affairs must be tackled strictly and quickly, Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah said today.

If left unchecked, he said, such actions could undermine the existing unity among the multi-religious people in the country.

"Every citizen of this country must try to understand not only what is clearly written, but also the unwritten philosophy, on matters concerning Islam, as stipulated in the Federal Constitution,” he said when opening the Conference of Islamic Scholars and Ulama 2011 here today.

He said if Muslims were to have more tendencies to fight among themselves, or showed unnecessary level of tolerance, it could undermine the status of Islam little by little and in the long run, it would be left with no significant meaning in the Federal Constitution.

"It is to ensure that Islam will not be tarnished or being compromised by partisan politics and worldly objectives, that all matters concerning Islam ara put above the power of political parties, and directly under the rulers” jurisdiction,” he said.

Sultan Azlan said the Muslims would be stronger and respectable when the spirit of muzakarah (discussion) could be practised and became their official forum to overcome disputes and differences.

During the event, the sultan also launched a book authored by Dr. Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti, titled “Sampaikah Amalan Orang Hidup kepada Arwah”. Dr. Muhammad Afifi, who hails from Batu Gajah near here, is the first Malay scholar ever appointed as a fellow lecturer at the Islamic Studies Centre of the prestigious Oxford University.

He has also been appointed as member of Perak Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council since 2010, with the consent of Raja Muda Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah. — Bernama

Source: Utusan Malaysia Online 17/05/2011.

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