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Isnin, 22 Jun 2009

Minang - Revisit 2007 - Part2

By Idris Talu

On the second day of the trip.

In early morning, Lake Maninjau,
padi fields and surrounding villages in the valley
as viewed from Nuansa Maninjau at Embun Pagi

A bit cloudy plus mist – but still beautiful view of padi fields.

Part of padi fields turned yellowish, indicating it’s ready for harvest.

The scenery of the other sides of Lake Maninjau and padi fields.

Even though the sky a bit misty,

it was a wonderful view that you will never forget.

Bigger view of Lake Maninjau,

the padi fields and surrounding mountains.

The lake facing to the intake for the hydro power generators.

Really beautiful scenery.

View at any angle, you will see beautiful scenery.

Another scenery.

I feel like I will not leaving the place.

Am I dreaming? No! It is real picture of Lake Maninjau.

Virgin forest on the East of the resort.

Items on the table in my room.

I prefer fresh food from the village.

The songket - the only local attraction in my room.

Full stop! You are not an ISO auditor here.

Cinnamomum verum, synonym C. zeylanicum -

known to locals as kayu manis. Can be found anywhere in Minangkabau.

Me, my wife, my daughter-in-law, and my son.

“Grandpa, I came back to your village!”

Lovely organic Maninjau pumpkin.

You may see mosque almost every where.

Padi, corn, and Cinnamomum.

Masjid Nurul Yaqin, Sidang Tangah.

Beautiful village in Ranah Minang.

An abandoned rumah gadang.

Papaya trees, banana trees and padi field

– it is really a nostalgic scenery.

A beautiful padi field.

A padi field and an orchard in the village.

A house in a Minang village.

A buffalo and padi field

Look at the beautiful padis. Really fascinating.

A village and it surrounding.

Padi field every where.

Nostalgic view of a village.

Padi field - Ranah Minang.

A beautiful village.

Rows of padi

Young padi in the field.

Terrace of padi - Ranah Minang.

Typical village in Ranah Minang.

A beautiful country side.

Padi field in Bukit Tinggi.

Donny & Mary Osmond said,"I'm little bit country....."

Nice view of a country side.

Beautiful rice field.

Now you can see some vegetables grown here.

Fresh one.

The rice field in a remote village.

A river in Anai valley.

A railway bridge crossing the valley.

A broader view.

The same river in the valley.

The river by the road side.

A nice view in Ranah Minang.

The road and the railway bridge,

some where between Kiktinggi and Padang.

A railway bridge accros the valley.

A Rumah Gadang - a modern one.

Ordinary house in Bukit Tinggi.

A grocery store in the village.

Uni at work - weaving for her songket at Pandai Sikek.

The products (songkets and batiks) at display.

Tenunan Hajjah Fatimah Sayuti - sound like Javanese name?

Minang architecture – you can see it every where here.

..and here too.

Wonderful view of Minang architecture.

Hajah Fatimah Sayuti - Tenunan Antik di Pandai Siket.

Parabolic antenna – normal view here.

In Malaysia, only petrol station using it.

A beautiful Minang house.

A beautiful musholla - a surau.

Pondok Pesantren Haji Miskin.

In Malaysia, Miskin name quite popular too.

A welcome greeting of a Kecamatan.

Pondok Bika Si Mariana welcoming you. Bika is a nice "pan cake" here.

Kuih Bika - Si Mariana

It is really hot inside - you may see it if you like.
Cooking kuih bika - traditional methods.

Nice chrysanthemum flowers waiting for you in front of the shops.

Beautiful chrysanthemum by the road side.

Madrasah Aliyah Nagari, Koto Baru, Padang Panjang.

The place where my wife never missed.
Beautiful products for ladies.

Here too.

Beautiful products.

My wife looking at our daughter-in-law making her choices.

Really not fair - all for women, except the far right.

Up to you to choose.

More selection for you.

My eyes blur - damam saku ambo! (My pocket got high fever, why?)

Madrasah Aliyah Negeri, Koto Baru, Padang Panjang.

Yeah... The shop's name is Putri Minang at Padang Panjang.
In Minang, padang has got two meanings, one is the field and the other one is the sword.

Putri Minang

Beautiful flowers at Padang Panjang

Idris Talu, daughter-in-law, wife and son.

At Padang Beach

Kites looks like a big bat.

Padang's people enjoying beautiful sunset at the beach.

The weather so nice with slight windy.

People gathered to see Pantai Padang saying good bye to the sun.

Really wonderful sunset view at Pantai Padang.

Maghrib is approaching us, people start leaving the beach.

Pantai Padang almost at closing the day activities.

Pantai Padang - beautiful sunset.

Beautiful sunset at Padang.


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