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Isnin, 22 Jun 2009

Minang - Revisit 2007 - Part3

By Idris Talu

On the third day in West Sumatra. We woke up early to take a taxi to the airport – Bandara Minangkabau. The airport is a quite new modern infrastructure to boost tourism industry. Every thing is quite in that morning.

This small roof got my attraction. Snap it.

Minang architecture.

My wife – born in Rembau, and me.
Happy at the end of a trip.

I think some thing is missing here.

While the machine is forcing the plane up to the sky,

I didn’t hesitate to take few more snaps.

The Padang Beach and the sea.

Scattered houses near the beach.

A nice view from the plane.

A small island by the coast line.

The aircraft already up in the sky.

My tears drop, good bye my Ranah! Hope to see you again.

Using my Canon 350D with extended lens,

I took few more photos of lovely Minangkabau land

The Merapi peak as viewed from the aircraft.

According to the Minangkabau’s legend story,

it started as big as a duck's egg.

Marapi peak.

Good bye...............


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