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Rabu, 8 Julai 2009

Lata Kekabu - Revisit2 - Facilties

By Idris Talu
Welcome to Lata Kekabu. We see what are the facilities provided here in order to give maximum convenient to the visitors. First we see the parking area. The park provided us ample parking spaces.

Lata Kekabu - car parking lots.

We are now entering Lata Kekabu park area:

Entrance to Lata Kekabu, Lenggong.

The first bridge we have to cross to the park.

The bridge in the Lata Kekabu (Kekabu Rapids)

Musholla or surau - Prayer place. Close to the river and bathroom.

After the first bridge.

Beautiful landscape.

Kenanga trees.

Bathroom and toilet facilities.

Good view in the park.

The second bridge in the park.

The bridge and the stream.

Nice place for taking bath.

Building that able to cater big crowd.

Do come again to Lata Kekabu,
Take nothing but photographs,
Leave nothing but footsteps.

We really appreciate and thankful to Malaysian Forestry Department (Upper Perak Division) for their best efforts on maintaining the cleanliness and the beauty of Lata Kekabu resort and it surroundings.


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