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Rabu, 8 Julai 2009

Lenggong - Fruits season come back

By Idris Talu
Welcome back to Lenggong! It is fruits season again. Even though it is not really plenty of fruits, it can be considered as "can do lah!"

Durian already in the market. The price for such as in the photos, are around RM4 to RM10 per fruit. The fruit quality - well!

Not much durian this season - according to the salesperson.

Juicy "buah setar" according to locals,

or "buah kundang" for Selangorean or Johorean.

Price? RM7 per kg. Can do lah!

Mangoesteen - I can't remember the price.

Nice fruits, nice colors!

Buah setar lagi!

Meleleh air liur!

Mangoesteen - does not really ripe yet.

Pretty pumpkin - nice for "bubur" or "lepat".

On the way back to Ipoh, we did right turn to Padang Rengas and Taiping. At Padang Rengas, we found a lot of rambutans. Bought some of it and continued to Taiping.

I ordered a cup of soup - to heat up my "tak smeak" (feel not healthy) body.

My youngest son - Ikram, sure with "nasik ayam".

My wife - kotiou doli special! RM8 per plate.

No problem, abah bayor!

My son - Ihsan, same as his mum, kotiou doli special. Abah bayor jugak.

So, after really kenyang - slowly we turned back to Ipoh.


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