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Isnin, 6 Julai 2009

Lata Kekabu - Revisit2 - Flora

By Idris Talu

Welcome back to Lata Kekabu, an ideal place for relaxing, reducing tensions and more interesting, back to nature.

Just after the first wooden bridge crossing the river, on the right hand side of the path, I found a tree with these kinds of fruits. During old days, my village's folk named it as "buah mangandeh" (looks like kandih or kandis).

The fruits taste sweet while fully ripe, but people don't like it because of the sharpness of the fruit's seed.

Photo 1 - Strange fruits at Lata Kekabu
These are the fruits looks like.

Photo 2 - Closer look on the fruits.

Photo 3. Nice fruits.

Photo 4 - The fruits.

Photo 5. - The tree.

It looks very nice and attractive.

The Forestry Department's staff may help us on the name of fruits or the tree.

Photo 6 - Attractive colours.

Photo 7 - Another view of the fruits.

Photo 8. - Fruits are all over the tree.

Photo 9 - View under the canopy.

Photo 10 - Fruits occupied at almost branches.

Photo 11 - Some said it is a wild langsat. I am not sure.

Photo 12 - Langkap's fruits, differ from kabong.

Photo 13 - Huge tree - no name on it trunk.

Photo 14 - Mini garden by the river bank.

Photo 15 - Putat - at early stage of fruiting with new leaves.

Photo 16 - Ferns on the river stone.

Photo 17 - Nice herbs - no name yet.

Photo 18 - Same kind of herbs.

Photo 19 - A kind of fern.

Photo 20 - Is it a root?

Photo 21 - Deffensive plant?

Photo 22 - Nice flower - kruing or what? Any one can help me?

Photo 23 - Nice herb on the river stone.

Photo 24 - Urang aring, keremak, Eclipta alba.

Photo 25 - One kind of Dedalu.

Photo 26 - Same as above.

Photo 27 - A kind of mushroom.

Photo 28 - Nice plant climbing tree.

Photo 29 - Fern on a tree.

Photo 30 - Beautiful view of Lata Kekabu.

Photo 31 - A durian orchard beside the lata. How nice if the management can transform it like what we have at Jeram Gading, Jelebu.

We really appreciate and thankful to Malaysian Forestry Department (Upper Perak Division) for their best efforts on maintaining the cleanliness and the beauty of Lata Kekabu resort and it surroundings.


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