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Sabtu, 4 Julai 2009

Jelebu - Kuala Lumpur’s forgotten neighbors

By Idris Talu

Kuala Klawang is not far from Kuala Lumpur. There are plenty of beautiful country sides with green environment waiting for you to explore.

Traveling from Kuala Klawang to Kuala Lumpur through areas with lovely scenery will give you synergic power in your strategic life. I really love Jelebu with its serenity.

Jelebu pavilion.

Jelebu – Durian town.

Durian lovers – enjoy the super nich taste of Jelebu’s durian.

I’m very sure you will never forget it.

Jelebu memorial.

Colourful Pasar Tani at Kuala Klawang.

Weekly shopping activity.

Villagers selling their agriculture pruducts here.

You may find items that you can't find it else where.

Variety of fruits available here.

Another Minangkabau architecture.

Entrance to Muzium Adat.

Stay overnight at this lovely rest house really an unforgotten sweet memory.

Beautiful rest house.

Huge kenanga tree dispersing pure environmental perfume to the town of Kuala Klawang.

You may continue your trip to any place you like.

Jelebu people really love you and would like to say, thank you for your visit and do come back again. We miss you a lot.


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