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Rabu, 1 Julai 2009

Royal Belum Part2 - Visit Orang Asli

By Idris Talu

We planned to visit an Orang Asli village nearby (almost an hour boat ride). We had a small gathering as induction meeting as we were from different campuses - Perak, Penang and Kelantan. We need to know each others, especially during the visit.

Tuan Haji Silah, as our guide - briefs us on ethics on how to address kampung folks.

Haji Silah welcomed the participants.

Briefing by Haji Silah.

Hj Silah.

Early morning in Royal Belum.

Prof Dr Adilah introduced participants from Perak.

From Perak.

Explorer from other state.

Moving to Orang Asli's village.

Idris Talu already in the boat.

Sungai Paloh, Belum Valley.

Royal Belum scenery.

Clear water and beautiful scenery.

On the way to Orang Asli village,

We passing through an island by the name of Pulau Tali Kail.

Pulau Tali Kail, Royal Belum.

Jetty at Pulau Tali Kail.

Welcome to Pulau Tali Kail.

Beautiful view.

The jetty.

The boat house at Pulau Tali Kail.

Boat house at Pulau Tali Kail.

Almost reaching Orang Asli village.

The Orang Asli village.

Remote village.

The village inside the jungle.

Not new Tok Batin. Idris Talu attending welcome ceremony by Orang Asli.

Special haedgear made of coconut leaf?

Haji Silah and the Tok Batin welcoming the participants as their guests.

The ceremony started with "dance".

When every thing finished, we took photographs.

OUM exploration.

The village as viewed from the boat.

We proceed to next location to see rafflesia.

Speeding boat ride.

Very nice view of Lake Temengor.

The beauty of Lake Temengor.

Reached at the site to see rafflesia.

Prof. Dr. Adilla.

Looking for rafflesia.

Late evening, we proceed to the base camp.

Copyrights of all photos shown in this trip are belong to the photographers - En Azmi Jamaludin and En. Azizan Jamaludin. Special thanks to both photographers for sharing the photos with us.

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