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Jumaat, 3 Julai 2009

Jelebu - Jeram Gading (Tusk Rapid)

Idris Talu
Jeram Gading, Jelebu welcoming you.

Jeram Gading, Jelebu.

With one of my grandsons at Jeram Gading,
Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan.

Jeram Gading.

How to get there? Here is the map shows the Jeram Gading's location.

Courtesy of the Jeram Gading’s management

During old days,
people from Pahang when they did inter-state traveling, they used to take rest here. It is a nice place to rest. There were many accommodations facilities here - provided by town council to promote domestic tourism.

All the chalets were located inside a durian orchard. If you are renting here during durian season, you may eat the fruits free of charge - as long as you stay at the resort.

You may choose any one you like if you book it earlier.
Facility provided.

Many activities can be performed here.

Ample spaces provided.

Durian trees every where.

And cempedak too.

Beautiful chalets available.

Jeram gading is situated 25 km from Kuala Klawang town and it is in Kenaboi area.
It is an ideal place for picnic and relaxing with your family.

Jeram Gading, Jelebu.

It is believed that Jeram Gading got it’s name as the existence of many elephants in this area, because gading in Malay means tusk – the elephants tusk.

A beautiful rapids in Jelebu.

My son, Ihsan on the bridge.

There were families camping here - by the river bank - last night.

Beautiful scene in Jeram Gading.
Rapids at Jeram Gading

Beautiful flower.

Nice one.

Flow of water in the rapids.

Young bamboo shoot.

Beautiful river.

The fauna.


Jeram Gading.

There is a bridge across the river.
Now is dry season - less water flowing through the river.
Jeram Gading in the early morning. My friends used to say, "The weather so clear, can take picture together-gether!" You can't find that term neither in UK English nor American English.

A part of Jeram Gading.

Wauuuuu….What a surprise!
I found cemperai trees here. You can read story about cemperai in oldest Malay novel, “Batu Belah Batu Betangkup” written by Pendita Za’aba.

Cemperai was known as vegetables for the royalty in those days, as pitchatios’s function to the royalties in Mid-Asia region.
There is a book about cemperai , written by Ungku Mohd Zaman bin Ungku Mohd Tahir.

You may read article about cemperai, here:-

Crassocephalum crepidioides.
Look what I found, Crassocephalum crepidioides,
sawi enggang, capalaling, or sintrong, can grow at almost anywhere in tropic region.

Chestnut? Buah berangan! I found it here too, at Jeram Gading some where in Kenaboi, District of Jelebu. Nowadays not many people knew how local chestnut fruit looks like. I unable to trace any chestnut tree in Changkat Berangan - where we should get plenty of chestnut, according to the village's name.

When I was in Gerik, I saw a group of chestnut trees near the grave yard in Kampong Tawai – closer to Community College at Bukit Nasah.

Buah berangan, Jeram Gading.

Chestnut fruits

We should appreciate and thankful to the management of Jeram Gading for their best efforts on maintaining the beauty of resort and it surroundings.

© IdrisTalu@2009

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