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Selasa, 29 September 2009

The Beauty of Cycad Clivicola in Lenggong

By Idris Talu

During Hari Raya celebration, on the way back to Ipoh I took few photographs just to share the beauty of cycads clivicola in Lenggong.

Very beautiful shape of cycad clivicola - at least few hundreds-years old of age.

You can't find this beautiful shape of cycad clivicola in other part of the world. If you like to see this hundreds-million-years living fossil, you have to come to Lenggong, Malaysia. You may surf all over the globe via all search engines available; at the end you may see it only in Lenggong.

Another beautiful cycad clivicola.

Wonderful shape of a cycad clivicola.

Young cycad clivicola in Lenggong.


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