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Isnin, 13 Julai 2009

Ulu Kenas - Nature

By Idris Talu

Welcome to Ulu Kenas. Situated in Kuala Kangsar district. We have to take Kuala Kangsar-Manong route to reach there.

How to get there:-

Map is not according to scale.

Nice park's office.

Just in case of raining, we have a shelter here.

Food stalls also available here - selling foods and drinks.

Beautiful gapis flowers.

Another balai for resting.

Another balai for resting

Entrance to park's office.

Nice plants.

Beautiful palm trees.

A beautiful surau - for prayer.

Balau chalet - for rent.


A clear-water river.

A bridge crossing the river.

Wild orchids.

Same wild orchids

Clean river for bathing.

Be proud with our flag.

Trees every where.

Perak's flag.


Beautiful river

Really nice flowers.

Toilets facilities provided here.

We really appreciate and thankful to Malaysian Forestry Department (Kuala Kangsar Perak Division) for their best efforts on maintaining the cleanliness and the beauty of Ulu Kenas Resort and it surroundings.


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