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Isnin, 29 Jun 2009

Kinta Valley - Part 1 - Birds

By Idris Talu
There are varieties of birds in Kinta Valley. Watching them flying during the evening really fascinating.

Purple swamphen (porphyrio porphyrio) or known as Panglin by locals. Beautiful birds actually.

Plenty of food is awaiting the birds by the flowing water.

Without the presence of predators,

purple swamphens are freely moving around.

The birds play around and the young ones making noise among them.

Birds searching for food.

One bird stands alone on top of a tree.

A common moorhen

A common moorhen ( Gallinula chloropus) or known to locals as Tiong Air searching for food among the bushes.

The same wild duck.

A slightly bigger common moorhen

Tiong Air is swimming.

The beauty of scenery……

A group of purple swamphen looking for last food before dark.

Playing and disturbing.

Another kind of bird is waiting for food.

Beautiful scene.

Wonderful evening view by the pond.

The birds are flying beautifully.


Really - there are plenty of food here!

Chit chat again!

Chit chat without topping-up!

I wanted to landing.

The day is coming to the end and you are still want to take bath?

Fashionable fly......

Hi....! You are flying too low!


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