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Rabu, 5 Ogos 2009

Kinta Valley - Part 3 - Birds

By Idris Talu

04 August 2009

Once again, watching the birds looking for the best place to take rest for the whole night.

Kinta valley is a bird paradise. Various kinds of birds will fly to an island in the middle of a big lake. The birds will occupy all big trees on the island.

Almost dark - the bird still looking for food patiently.

We are lucky!
These poles are in the middle of the lake.

Changing position.

A nice evening view beside the pond.

The birds enjoy the sun set.

A very calm evening.

The birds settle down where to sleep for the coming night.

The leaders at the top of tree, quarreling over the place for the night.

Leaders making noise among themselves.

The quarrel continued.

They continued quarreling until all fly-away.

The rest - all quite only.
Not like people, leaders having tea together, followers fight like hell.
Why not we learn something from the birds here?

A bird at Kinta valley.


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